6 Quick Health Tips for Your Best Body

6 Quick Health Tips for Your Best Body…

We all know that in order to be healthy and fit, you need to eat well and exercise.

But the method gets lost in the message. Many people don’t know how to put this advice into practice. If they did, we’d all be health dynamos.

If you struggle with being healthy, here’s where to start. You can start putting these tips into practice TODAY. The first step is getting started, and the results flow from there.

1. Up Your Veggies

healthy-1323738-639x531Most people don’t get enough veggies in their diet. And many don’t really like them.

But our tastebuds are pretty amazing. The more you eat a food, the more you adapt to it. You can actually develop a taste for vegetables. And the best way to do this? By adding them to every meal.

Experiment with different methods—cooked, grilled, raw, sauteed, blended. Find what works best for you. It can be as simple as adding some spinach to your morning smoothie, or throwing some broccoli into your stir-fry. Increase the amount more as you go. Your body will seriously thank you for the added fiber and nutrients.

But even with a great organic diet many people find they still lack in trace minerals, so make sure you are taking a high quality organic supplement like Mimi’s Miracle Minerals.

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2. Cook at Home

Packaged foods, be gone! It’s incredible how much fat, sugar, salt, and processed oils you’ll be avoiding by making your meals at home instead of buying them in a package (or from the drive-through!).

Choose 2-3 recipes that focus on whole-foods and make them this week. If you were eating a lot of packaged stuff before, don’t be surprised if you see changes in your body almost immediately.

3. Plan Ahead

The biggest reason people fail to eat well is because they failed to plan. Set aside time one day out of the week to plan your meals. Then choose another day to do your shopping and meal prepping. (You can even break up these tasks into two days, if they seem overwhelming.)

4. Go to Bed Earlier

I know, it’s not always easy. But getting a full night’s sleep is so important for weight loss and recovery. Start small by going to bed just 15 minutes early than you usually do. The next night, do light’s out 15 minutes earlier than the night before, and so on.

5. Drink More… Water!

Staying hydrated can give you more energy, reduce fatigue, and prevent overeating. So keep the H20 coming!

6. Think Happy Thoughts

At least once or twice a day, give yourself pep talks. Tell yourself if you want to get healthier and lose weight, you can make it happen! It sounds cheesy, but it’s true: we all have it in ourselves to live the life we desire. It also helps to think about what makes you thankful and show gratitude for the good things in your life; a happy mindset leads to a healthy body.

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