4 “Must Haves” in Every Meal

If this is the year of physical transformation for you, listen up! Just paying attention to these 4 must-haves can radically change the way you look and feel! So before you eat it, figure out…

4 Must-haves in every meal

1) How was it cooked?

The cooking method can make or break food. Calories and fat can be added unnecessarily, and nutrients can easily be destroyed in foods cooked like this:
-smothered in sauces

Instead, go for foods prepared this way:
And no matter how well your food is sourced or cooked, even the healthiest eaters are mineral deficient. Supplement your healthy eating with Mimi’s Miracle Minerals to ensure you get all the ionic form, bio available minerals you need.
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2) The core of the meal should be protein!Lets face it, we live in a carb obsessed society. Cereals for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and prepared dinners. We eat way too many carbs, and not enough proteins and healthy fats. Make protein the core of your meals, and you will stay healthier, plus you’ll be fuller longer, and have less cravings!Great protein choices:
-Lean red meat
3) Don’t forget the fiber!Fiber comes mostly from veggies. And veggies have tons of goodness with few calories. Beside your protein, instead of loaded potatoes, try these delicious sides:-Spinach salad
-Mixed field green salad
-Steamed seasonal vegetables
4) Starch is for shirts.Pretty much every health expert is now touting lower carbs and higher proteins. So starches are out! Get rid of:
-Bread and crackers
Combine these 4 eating tips with a short, intense daily exercise regimen and you can really make this a transformative year!
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