Why Exercise Is Important: 11 Reasons to Workout Today

Why Exercise is ImportantSummertime is the season for vacation and busy activities, so  you may forget why exercise is important to still fit into your schedule.

And I get it. It’s more difficult to make fitness a priority when you’re planning trips, taking the kids to summer events, and hitting the beach.

But the truth is that getting exercise during the summer is extra important for feeling your best and boosting your energy to do all the fun things you want to.

But if that doesn’t convince you, we’ve included an awesome list here of 11 reminders why you want to keep adding exercise to your daily routine.

15 Amazing Reasons to Workout Today

#1 Boosted Energy

Like I just mentioned, exercising regularly increases your energy levels and helps you fight fatigue. This can help you a TON when you’re planning vacations and being more active.

Even if you’re planning to spend all summer sipping drinks and reading by the pool, exercise can increase your mental energy and make you more alert so you enjoy every activity.

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#2 Better Fitting Clothes

We all overindulge during the summer months. Exercising each day burns calories, thus helping balance out your system and maintain your healthy weight while you enjoy yourself. And if you want to see real changes in your body size and shape, add in some awesome strength training and leg workouts.

#3 More Strength

This might not seem like a big deal to you at first. Maybe you’re thinking, “who cares about strength? It’s not like I’m planning to be a bodybuilder!” But that’s not what strength training does for the average person.

Lifting weights—even body weight—helps improve your posture, your body shape, and allows you to better lift everyday items and do fun activities without getting fatigued.

#4 Fun!

That’s right: exercise can be an enjoyable experience! Think about when you were a kid and running and jumping around was a fun way to get your energy out. Add that playfulness back into your life! Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore.

#5 Less Stress

We’re all stressed enough with life already, right? Consider exercise your personal therapy time. Use it as a fun tool to help you cope with the demands you face each day. Challenging your muscles and moving your body helps you feel relaxed after a great workout.

#6 More Confidence

This one makes sense, right? When you do good things for your body, your body shows the results of those good choices. You might start to notice your legs shaping up nicely and a lean tone in your arms. Maybe your stomach is getting flatter and firmer from those ab workouts.

But start by loving your body how it is and vow to make better decisions for it each day—like fitting in that workout.

#7 More Connections

When you go to the gym, you meet other people with similar goals. Making friends helps you stay accountable and feel like part of a team. Remember: most of your fellow gym members have the same goal as you: to feel better through exercise.

#8 Better Insulin Sensitivity

Research has shown that working out greatly improves insulin sensitivity, which makes you more stable and feeling better after meal times.

#9 Lower Risk of Diabetes

Speaking of insulin, diabetes can actually be reversed through a healthy lifestyle! And as little as half an hour a day can greatly reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

#10 Better Sleep

When you’re good-tired from working out, it encourages your body to go to bed earlier. This helps your body—including any sore muscles—repair. And we all know that getting enough sleep is SO important.

#11 More Motivation

There’s something magical that happens when you workout: you start to care more about other aspects of your health too! You might notice your appetite regulating more as you crave healthy foods and snacks. Try it out and see for yourself. Just do it! 😉

For even more motivation, check out more health benefits of exercise.

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