Non-Whey, Non-Soy Protein? Yup. Check this out.

One of the biggest changes in diet theory recently has been the realization that we are a carb addicted society, and few people get enough Protein in their diet.

From the cereals we eat at breakfast, to the Sun Warrior Proteinsandwiches for lunch, and the potatoes and fast foods we stuff down at dinner time, we just end up loading up on carbs while rarely getting enough quality protein.

And why is that? Well, it’s not easy to get enough protein worked into a busy schedule. Carbs just tend to be the stuff of speed, and we are all about speed.

So, after months of research and testing, I’m happy to announce I have found the worlds best, fast source of protein. And it’s NOT:

-Whey based
-Soy based

Sunwarrior Plant Based Protein 1And it IS

-Raw food based
-Gluten free
-Soy Free
-Dairy free!!! Really!

Too good to be true? Click here to learn more about Sunwarrior Protein, the only powder I will be recommending.

I’m a big fan of protein powder. It’s fast, nutritious, and convenient.¬†Just add powder to a liquid, shake it up, and Voila! You have a nutritious, and filling drink. And protein does keep you full for a lot longer than carbs do. Also, you probably know that it’s important to get protein in your system within about 20 minutes of a workout right? Hard to do if you have to get home and cook something. With a protein shake, you can take it to the gym, and gulp it down on your way home.

Watch this video by me and Dr. Kepo’o to learn why we both feel so strongly about this particular¬†product:

Order Sun Warrior Protein here!

To your health and success!

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