The Snack Trap!

Sneaking in the wrong snacks at the wrong times can kill your fitness goals. And while many people think that healthy snacking is good for your metabolism, chances are the average persons snack habits are hurting them more than helping.

Here’s the skinny on “the snack trap:”infographic1

1) Every calorie counts, whether healthy or not. For example nuts are healthy, but it’s super easy to down too many of them in a short time and pound down 500 unwanted calories!

2) Focus on protein and fat snacks. There’s still a lot of mis-conceptions about fat. Many people still think that eating fat will make them fat. That’s simply not true. Healthy fats from avocados or nuts are filling and nutritious.

3) Too many snacks have added sugar. Sugary snacks are the worst. They provide little in the way of nutrition, and they leave you hungry again in a short time, leading to more sugar intake. Choose snacks that are not only low in sugar, but low in overall carbs. Remember, even healthy carbs are converted to sugar in the body.

4) Don’t fall for commercial “low calorie” snacks. Even if there’s only 100 calories, they are still mostly empty calories. The ultimate snack just may be an apple. It’s delicious, filling, and low calorie… and totally natural.

5) JERF. Just eat real food! The best foods have exactly one ingredient. Carrots, celery, apples, grapes, nuts… you get the idea. These foods have fiber, vitamins, and minerals and will help you in your fitness goals.

6) Avoid grain based snacks. Let’s face it, almost every snack in the center aisles of the grocery store are sugar and grain based… and they aren’t serving your health goals! So just eliminate these unhealthy snacks from your diet, and stick to natural, single ingredient snacks.

To your health and success!

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