Review of the Forever Fused 32 Ounce Water Bottle by Live Infinitely

As you know health experts advise us to drink half our body weight in ounces every day. Today I review one of the cool ways I have found to make my water drinking more intentional, more tasty, and more healthy, with the Forever Fused 32 ounce Infuser bottle by Live Infinitely.

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I have been adding fruit to it every night, and putting it in the fridge, so it’s cold and steeped in good flavor and nutrition by morning.

The bottle is well made. It has a clip to keep the lid shut which is handy if you throw it on the passenger seat of your car and don’t want it to leak.

The mouth is wider than a water bottles, but the seal is good, it doesn’t leak even if you turn it upside down and shake it.

The bottle feels good in your hand, with rubber on one side, and an indent on the other. So if you were to take it on a walk or hike it feels good in your hand, and not like it constantly wants to slide out like a plain sided water bottle would.

The infuser goes the full length of the bottle, allowing for more stuff inside. This is important, as I found that you can’t add a whole piece of fruit, even in this large infuser, so I probably wouldn’t like a smaller infuser bottle just because I couldn’t get as much fruit in there as I would like to. Also, you can get more in if you slice the fruit very thinly. This also adds more flavor to the water.

To use the bottle, just fill the infuser first, then add filtered water.

Some great things to add to your bottle:


There’s a great article with recipe ideas and more on infuser bottles here.

The Forever Fused water bottle has  helped me be more intentional about my hydration. Rather than drinking out of some  cheap disposable bottle that makes your water taste like plastic, I am now getting really good tasting water that is super healthy.

You can pick one up here.

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