Natural Remedies: When Education Beats Medication

Finding natural remedies for chronic conditions is a topic that’s of interest to millions of people. Author Dani Walker, who recently published the book “When Education Beats Medication Against All Odds,”  shares some important tips about how her husband gave up on the medical community to cure his Sarcoidosis, and how the couple fought, and beat, this debilitating disease. I interviewed Dani, and the podcast is uploaded to iTunes, plus there are key take away bullet points from the interview below.

natural remedies infographicThe Podcast is titled “Natural Remedies For Chronic Conditions” and can be found in the iTunes store here:

Key take-aways:

1. Take control of your own health, and find natural solutions. Doctors don’t know everything, and sometimes can make mistakes. If he hadn’t taken himself off all the medications, he would probably still be obese and dealing with tumors.

2. Use the  TEA method! “Try everthing and anything!” You might think that everybody with a health problem would fight it until they found the best relief they could, but it’s not always the case. Some people give up, and live with conditions they should battle.

3. Start drinking green smoothies! See my personal recipe at and a great site to learn more about this is

4. If you deal with chronic conditions, grab Dani’s book! Not only is the book great, but there are 10 audios included, with a variety of amazing expert contributors.

Get the book, along with 10 expert videos, here:



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