My Personal Supplement Strategy

My Personal Supplement Strategy

Well I’m going to put myself out there today and show you my personal supplement strategy. The idea here is not to say that this is the exact strategy for you, or that mine is the best etc.

The idea is to give you some ideas that will help you develop your own, unique to you. This list I have is based on years of research, studies, and personal experimentation. It works for me. When I don’t take some of these supplements, I feel worse after a few weeks. For example, if I stop taking Glucosamine Chondroitin, my joints start to hurt after a few weeks. I have several athletic friends over 40 who tell me the same thing.

Here’s the video of me with my mini pharmacy of pills and potions I take every morning.

To develop out your own supplementation strategy, click on Resources on this site, download the Supplement Tracking sheet, and take inventory of what you are currently taking, and add to it anything you think you SHOULD be taking, and Voila! You have the makings of your own strategy.

Re-evaluate it every eight weeks or so (something we do every eight weeks in our Formula 7 course, learn more here) and give it the old “How’s that working for ya?” test now and then.

A good supplementation strategy won’t replace a decent fitness and nutrition lifestyle, but it can definitely pour gas on the fire of your healthy habits!

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