The Evolution of Bulletproof Coffee

About two years ago I was introduced to Bullet Proof Coffee as a fast, filling, healthy breakfast option. Not being a coffee drinker, I just substituted a healthy alternative I like called Pero. And that first small change lead to others, until I have dialed in a breakfast that is healthy, gives me tons of great energy, and keeps me full for hours.

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The first day I had the original recipe for breakfast, I had just finished a tough CrossFit workout, and when I made this watery hot drink I looked at it and thought to myself, “self, you’re going to be STARVING within 2 hours.” Modified_bullet_proof_coffee_recipe

But no! I was amazed how great I felt, all the way to lunch time. The key is probably the healthy fat from the coconut oil. Healthy fats are slower burning than carbs, giving you that nice energy for hours at a time.

Note that the drink I am about to describe to you is quite a change from the original Bullet Proof Coffee recipe. The original also called for high quality organic butter to be added. For me, once I decided I wanted to add the protein powder, the butter had to go. It was just too many calories.

I  would recommend you read about the original recipe, then check out how I have modified it to my own needs, then use the info to dial in something for yourself.

Here’s how I have modified the recipe over time:

1. Protein Powder. So many health advisors recommend 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, that I found without adding protein to my breakfast I found it hard to get enough protein for the rest of the day. But, protein powder breaks down in the blender, so I mixed all the other ingredients first, then put in the powder, and just blend it for a second to mix it in. I am flexible on where I get my protein powders but Costco usually has decent quality stuff at a reasonable price. My local health food store sometimes has good prices on higher quality stuff. But in the end, I just try to get one that is mostly made up of isolates.

2. Cinnamon. Cinnamon is delicious, and recent research proves that people who take a teaspoon a day of cinnamon are less likely to get sick, as well as it regulates blood sugar and lowers cholesterol. But how in the world do you get a teaspoon of cinnamon every day? You drink it, of course! And prepare to be pleasantly surprised, you might imagine a teaspoon of cinnamon over powering the flavor of your drink, but it doesn’t.

The best value I have found on bulk Cinnamon is from Costco.

3. A teaspoon of coconut oil. This is probably where the real magic happens. Coconut oil is a great source of high quality fat, and keeps you full for hours. You can hardly even taste it in the drink, if you are worried about that. It truly is a super food, and beyond the scope of this post to go into all the details, but if you want to learn more about it’s many benefits here’s a great link:

4. A little bit of full fat milk or almond milk. This is just to top it off and make it a little creamy. Why full fat milk? Well, I don’t drink much milk, but when I do I want as close to the real thing as possible. The more “skimmed,” the more processed, in my opinion.

5. Nut butter. I don’t always add nut butter, and if I do, I usually don’t add the protein powder as well, it’s one or the other. But a tablespoon of almond butter adds more healthy fats and protein. I make my own in my Blendtec nut jar (pictured, it’s the same jar I use to make the drink). I just buy organic almonds from the health food store and blend them on 7 for 40 seconds, stirring them with the nut butter stir top that comes with the Blendtec nut jar.


1. Boil water.

2. Put the water in the blender, and add the milk or other creamer, cinnamon, coconut oil, and almond or other nut butter, if you are going to use a nut butter.

3. Blend briefly if no nut butter, for about 30 seconds on high setting if it has nut butter.

4. Add protein powder, and blend just enough to mix it in.

You will find that this bad boy packs a wallop, and you don’t want to guzzle it down! I put it in one of those rubbermaid 24 ounce containers with a pop top, and drink it over about an hour or so.

This breakfast is now one of my favorites. It’s fast, delicious, a nice hot drink on cold mornings, and keeps you full until lunch time.

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