The Magic of Losing 5 Pounds

Have you hefted a 5 pound weight lately? It’s kind of hefty. You wouldn’t want to throw it in your purse or backpack and lug it around all day.

If you went for a run or a bike ride with it strapped to your back, you would be thrilled to rip it off and chuck it in the weeds somewhere along the way.

The challenge sometimes for dieters is that they don’t appreciate or respect losing a tiny amount, like 5 pounds. But is it so tiny? I don’t think so. It makes a difference. Every 5 pounds you can drop makes a difference.But if somebody has 40 pounds to lose, sometimes they don’t, because they aren’t willing to start with “just 5.”

So in our Formula 7 course, we advise to not set a goal of more than 5 pounds. And not because it’s a game or a trick, but because it’s REAL. Losing 5 pounds is do-able! It’s believable, it doesn’t take years, and it really does make a difference.

So, if weight loss is a goal you have, forget about the long term goal, and set a serious goal just to lose 5 pounds!

It’s easy, you can do it, and it matters.

To your health and success!

Dave Sherwin

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