Latest Workout Trends

Working out can sometimes be difficult to be excited about. Especially when you feel like you are caught up in the same routine. So to help you change things up and get away from doing the same old workouts, here are some suggetions of different music stations to listen to and different workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals. Adding anyone of these to your routine will make working out feel fun again.

5 Workout Change-Ups To Get You Back On Track!

12 Secret Pandora Stations To Work Out Harder

from Escape The Matrix

For many, music is a huge motivator when working out. It is hard to constantly be updating playlists and searching for new music to listen to when we are in need of change. Well to help you find some great work out tunes, here are 12 Pandora Stations to help you work out harder.

Belly, Butt, Thighs Workout. No Squats.

from Escape The Matrix

If you’re looking to quickly flatten your belly, slim your thighs and firm your butt in 2 weeks the Belly, Butt, & Thighs Workout is perfect for you! The only piece of equipment you need is a wall and you will not have to do a single squat or sit up.

Butts & Guts Workout

from Escape The Matrix

With four great exercises, this Butts & Guts Workout will help get your abs and butt rockin’ very quickly!

Shrink Your Waist in 6 Minutes!

from Escape The Matrix

With only a chair, performing these four exercises in 6 minutes will help you say goodbye to love handles and hello to tight curves. Shrink Your Waist in 6 Minutes!



5 Keys to Weight Training (MUST for Women!)

from Escape The Matrix

Many women often ask themselves how and when they should start weight training? Here Erica Giovianazzo, a CrossFit Coach at Brick New York and a registered dietician with her master’s from New York University answers these questions and more!!



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