Are you JERFing Yet?

JERF: Just Eat Real Food (not to be confused in any way with Miley Cyrus and the unfortunate word TWERK.)To JERF means just what it says… Just Eat Real Food.One way to tell the difference between low quality processed foods and high quality real foods is to ask the simple question: Does this food come from a factory or a farm?Another great question: Is there more than 5 ingredients listed? Are there ingredients that sound like something from a science experiment? Are there NO ingredients listed… these are the best possible foods. Apples, nuts, veggies… all of the items that you bag yourself in the grocery store from bulk fruits, vegetable, and nut dispensers fall into this category.

All other foods in their fancy packaging should be considered suspect, and potentially damaging to your health.jerf infographicAnother way to recognize real food is this: it goes bad! Food that doesn’t go bad has to be highly processed and pumped full of preservatives.Real food is fresh.The Real Food ChallengeThe Real Food Challenge (or JERF… just eat real food) is this. Just go for 7 days eating only real foods.It’s simple really, avoid these foods:
  • Bread
  • Grains
  • Rice
  • Crackers
  • Chips
  • Most snack food
  • Sugars
  • Corn syrup
  • Pop
  • Cereals
  • Baked Goods
  • Candy
Here’s the foods to eat:
  • Veggies! Seasonal and organic are best.
  • Fruits! Not as much fruit as veggies. Seasonal and organic if possible.
  • Meat and fish.
  • Eggs. Try cage free organic.
  • Nuts and Seeds of every kind.
This list of 5 foods can be combined into a ton of great breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Here’s some menu ideas:Breakfast. Just changing from what you were eating for breakfast, to this breakfast, can make ALL the difference in how you feel and perform for the rest of the day!
  • Eggs, whole cooked however you like them best
  • Half a cup of mixed berries
  • Half an avocado and couple slices of bacon or turkey bacon
  • High protein pancakes. Costco has a simple “just add water” one that’s tasty.
Now, unfortunately even the healthiest diet will leave you mineral deficient, because of modern chemicals and farming methods. Try a high quality, bio-available mineral supplement like Mimi’s Miracle Minerals to ensure you get all the minerals your body needs.Disclosure: Note that this website makes a small commission for purchases made through many of the links on the site. All products are carefully vetted for price and value for our customers.
Lunch: If you eat out:
Go to a healthy Mexican style restaurant and order a chicken, steak, or pork salad. Skip the tortilla, but pile on the Pico De Gallo and other healthy veggie choices! Go easy on any processed salad dressings, you should be able to slather it with healthy toppings and end up with a really delicious, nutritious, and filling lunch!Make your own:
Try a spinach salad with a turkey sandwich. Go easy on spreads, use healthy choices.
Dinner: Most people eat too much at dinner time, so be careful that you don’t load up a large plate. Eating a healthy dinner, then NOT pounding down snacks and carbs later will help your body burn calories during the night while you sleep.
  • Grilled white fish or salmon, with steamed veggies or
  • Baked chicken breast with lots of steamed veggies.

The beautiful thing about veggies is you can fill up on them, but they have very few calories. So you get tons of nutrition, with zero guilt.Of course, there’s tons of healthy recipes available on line, these are just suggestions. The main point is to ditch foods made in a factory, and eat foods from a farm, for just one week. Chances are, you’ll find you don’t miss the factory foods, and that you really enjoy the healthy choices and will find it easier to continue to eat this way for years to come!So JERF it up!
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