5 Polite Ways to Turn Down Food (Holiday Eating Tips)

You may think there’s only two ways to turn down offered food:

You can say “no” to everything and look like a schmuck.

You could say “yes” to everything and add a few unwanted pounds.

Here’s 5 ways to politely turn down food, while keeping your health, and helping the food pusher keep their dignity. Some great holiday eating tips:

5 ways to politely turn down food

Food Push #1: “I made your favorite! Here you go!”

Stall. Something like “Wow! Looks good but I’m not quite ready.”

Why stalling works: You didn’t flatly turn them down, and everybody understands that you kind of have to be ready for dessert. Hopefully they will forget all about it. Or, later when you do take some, maybe you’ll only take a tiny portion.

Food Push #2: “I just made this brand new recipe! Try some!”

Pull the “I’m stuffed” response. Like, “Wow, looks great but I’m stuffed right now, maybe later.”

Why being stuffed works: Everybody understands the uncomfortable feeling of being too full, and will usually just let you off the hook.

Food Push #3: “I made this just for you!”

This is a particularly guilt laden one. You could try the diet restriction ploy here, like, “Oh man that looks good, but I’m not eating any dairy right now.”

The diet restriction excuse usually stops all argument.

Food Push #4: Somebody puts food on your plate without your permission.

One great tactic for this is to not say or do anything… just kind of break up the food and push it around your plate! A person who would shove food on your plate without asking probably isn’t one to be reasoned with anyway, and why make them look or feel bad? Just spread the food around, it will look like you ate some.

Why spreading it around works: You don’t make a scene, and let’s face it, lots of food gets thrown out after meals in our society… nobody should really notice.

Food Push #5: “You are to into your weight/ fitness/ body.”

Don’t take offense. Instead, acknowledge that you are making healthier choices with a statement like, “Thanks for noticing, I have been making a better effort to be more healthy. I appreciate your support.”

Why thanking them works: Yes, they were trying to get under your skin. But by thanking them, and acknowledging your healthier choices, you aren’t really engaging in the debate they are probably trying to start. Unfortunately, your healthy choices make some people around you feel more aware of their own bad decisions. So try your best not to engage with these types of people, while not feeling defensive about your healthy choices.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep unwanted calories to a minimum during this time of year! And as best you can, keep up the three pillars of health:


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