Review: The Healthy Human Steel Water Bottle

The Healthy Human steel water bottle helps you be more intentional about your hydration. Rather than using some cheap disposable water bottle that makes your water taste like plastic, getting a high quality bottle like the Healthy Human bottle keeps the original flavors, and keeps it hot or cold for a long time.

The Healthy Human bottle will keep liquid cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours, and piping hot for 6 hours.

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After using cheap plastic water bottles for ages, I was surprised how much better this bottle is. I was just used to water quickly getting to room temperature and tasting like plastic. When your water stays cold and fresh, and doesn’t taste like plastic, it’s a whole lot better… go figure.

It’s made of steel, not aluminum, so there is no health risk.

It has a carabiner on the top, to either carry it conveniently in one finger, or attach to your backpack on a hike. I took the carabiner off of mine after a day or two, thinking I would like the bottle better without it, but after using it for one day I ended up putting it back on, as I realized it really was a convenient way to carry the bottle, even though the lid itself has a hole in it, I like the carabiner better.

It keeps the flavor of whatever you put in it, so it doesn’t end up tasting like metal.

The bottle is sweat free, so condensation doesn’t build up on it, making it safe to put on a wooden desk, and it won’t get the seats of your car wet if you throw it on the passenger seat like I do.

If you get a larger size, one downside is it won’t fit in your cup holder. For me, I would rather have a larger bottle, and not worry about the cup holder thing, as I try to drink my body weight in ounces every day, so three of these 32 ounce bottles is perfect. But I imagine the 21 and 16 ounce sizes would fit in most cup holders, as my 32 ounce is just barely too big.

It comes in 16, 21, 32, and 40 ounce sizes, and a variety of colors, and for a high quality bottle is fairly priced. You can learn more about them here.


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