How to Choose Healthy Fast Food Meals

Can it be possible—healthy fast food meals?

Fast food places have long had the bad reputation of being high in bad fats, sodium, and calories. And for good reason. A lot of their foods do contain unhealthy amounts of these. Burgers, fries, shakes, and huge soft drinks top the list.

Thankfully, people are shifting more towards consciousness about the quality of their food and restaurants are starting to listen. You’ll see some making more of an effort to provide menu items that are lower in fat and calories.

In order to eat healthy fast food meals, you have to learn how to spot them and choose wisely. Although home-cooked foods and packing your own healthy meals for trips are always better choices, these tips will help you still enjoy a fairly healthy fast food meal for those times when you’re left unprepared on-the-go.

How to Choose Healthy Fast Food Meals |

3 Tips for Choosing Healthy Fast Food Meals

In order to make healthier choices at fast food places, you must be an informed consumer. That means being able to pick out the healthiest options and also know which ones are better avoided. It can seem challenging sometimes, but it can be done!

Here are the top things to watch out for when looking for healthy fast food:

#1 Watch the Condiments

You’ve probably seen those articles and infographics talking about the amount of fat and calories in a fast food dish, like a salad, that’s supposed to be healthy. Guess what? It’s because of the extras!

A salad full of fresh, raw veggies goes instantly downhill when it’s drenched in a high-calorie and high-fat dressing. A sandwich or baked potato that might be an okay choice can become very unhealthy just with the addition of cheese, mayo, sour cream, bacon bits, and other rich condiments.

If you’re unsure about a topping, ask to have it on the side. Otherwise, just tell them to leave it off all together.


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#2 Watch the Wording

Avoid menu items that include words like:

  • breaded
  • fried
  • cream/creamy
  • crispy
  • battered
  • Alfredo
  • scalloped
  • au gratin

These terms usually mean the dish has been cooked using unhealthy oils or other fats and is high in calories and salt.

Instead, look for terms like:

  • fresh
  • grilled
  • raw
  • steamed
  • broiled

#3 Watch the Sizes

Food and drink portion sizes at restaurants these days are ridiculously large, making it hard to know what a true serving is. If you order the smaller option and eat it slowly and mindfully, you’ll be surprised at how full you actually get.

Fast food is often eaten fast (on-the-go) and mindlessly, and the concentration of fat, salts, and sugars makes it hard to regulate how much you actually need. So slowing down your chewing and enjoying a smaller portion will help you gauge your actual fullness level because your brain has time to realize when you’re satisfied.

Don’t Make Fast Food the Norm

For those times when you’re left without homemade food or fresh food, knowing how to choose healthy fast food meals is a big benefit. That being said, it’s better to get into the habit of preparing healthy food options at home that you can take with you in a pinch. You’ll be far more satisfied and feel good knowing what ingredients are in your food.

But until then, these tips are great for giving yourself the best option possible when eating fast food! And either way, don’t to include a high-quality organic mineral supplement to make sure you get all the proper nutrition you need.

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