Cool Tips and Tricks for Evaluating Your Health

Evaluating your health is a critical component in achieving improvement. Even though evaluating, weighing, and measuring can bring up negative emotions, we encourage you to take a zen-like observation approach.

Try not to get too emotionally attached to the evaluation, instead, simply decide what factors are most important to you, take the measurements down, then forget them! Just observe them, record them, and move on! As you focus on the Formula 7 concepts over the next eight weeks, improvements will come very naturally and easily.

Here are some ideas on Evaluation Week:

So just think through what is most important to you. Record it on a pad of paper, a note pad on your phone, or a sticky note by your desk… it doesn’t matter how you do it, keep it simple.

Also, when’s the last time you had a yearly physical? Now would be a great time to call your doctor and get one set up! It’s probably free with your health plan, and can give you wealth of excellent insight into your health.¬†Also, it’s just plain smart! Not to be negative, but a yearly physical can catch a developing problem early, and potentially save your life, so make that call!

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