The 5 Biggest Fitness Myths

A quick Google search will get you tons of information on the internet about getting healthy, but the challenge is in to knowing the difference between tips that are good advice and those that are fitness myths.

Whether you are reading the blog of a popular trainer or looking at a fitness magazine website, be cautious of any tips that you’ve tried time and again but had no results. Those are likely fitness myths! To help you out, here are some of the most common myths we all come across:

#1 Fitness results are the same for everyone.

While eating clean and moving your body regularly are fantastic for weight loss and health, there’s usually a lot more than that going on. A lot of magazines will condense someone’s huge weight loss into a couple paragraphs that doesn’t really detail what they did. Making a real change means shifting your mindset, dealing with emotional aspects like closet eating, and looking at the quality of your food and exercise.

#2 You can eat junk and look like a cover model.

SO false! Even in publications focused entirely on health and fitness, you’ll see advertisements for products that are not health-promoting. In fact, when you look at the ingredients, they’re usually junk! Beware of protein bars and powders full of fillers, preservatives, and artificial sugars.

When working on your fitness, you must eat a healthy diet and make sure you’re getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients. Eat well and if you need an extra boost, use products that are filler-free and all-natural like Raspberry Ketone Pro.

The 5 Biggest Fitness Myths |

#3 You can get flat abs quickly and easily!

This might just be the worst one. Everyone wants six-pack abs, but it’s one of the hardest goals to achieve. If an article is telling you rock hard abs can be achieve in “just three weeks,” or even quicker, run the other way!

The truth is that real results take time to show, and you can only get visibly toned abs after FIRST burning off the fat covering them. That means eating clean and working out to increase your fat burning.

#4 You have to cut out a certain food group to lose weight.

You’ve likely read about tons of different crazy diets that promise quick weight loss just from only eating certain foods… or cutting out certain foods. But this is not effective. It’s an overall healthy diet that matters! Just make sure you’re getting all of your trace minerals.

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#5 You need the newest equipment and attire to be fit.

Advertisements make it seem like fitness is all about cute, expensive yoga pants and sweet ab machines (that are even more expensive). But have you actually watched people at the gym? Those getting real results care more about working up a sweat than what they look like doing it. Results come from hard work, no matter what you’re wearing. And you can get a fantastic workout without any fancy equipment at all!

The best way to get fit is by focusing on consistent workouts eating clean. Your dedication is what makes all the difference!

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