If You Could Only Have One Supplement, What Would It Be?

Fish Oil the most important supplement 2

When using the terms “desert island,” things get real, really quick. They’re items that are CRUCIAL for health and survival, there’s no room for fluff and failures when you’re marooned with only a few items.

We don’t want to waste our time, money, energy, and possibly our health on supplements that aren’t going to give us the biggest bang for our buck. (or in this case, the biggest return on our health)

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Fish Oil!

Why Fish Oil?

Fish OIl, the Desert Island SupplementFish oil covers a wide range of health issues and benefits. Dr. Kepo’o explains,

“I believe that in this day and age that 98% of disease is caused by inflammation. And fish oil is one of the best things I have found, in my practice and from research, for anti-inflammation.”

Inflammation, Isn’t That Just For Sprained Ankles?

Spraining a wrist or joint and the body immediately trying to send more nutrients to that area to help heal it is a part of inflammation, but there’s also another part of it, and that’s on the cellular level.

You see, inside our cells, we constantly have toxins, pathogens, sugars and various harmful materials trying to enter through the membrane, and sometimes it does enter. When that happens, our bodies have a natural response to try and get it out, and that’s what causes inflammation.

We can’t feel it happening, but our bodies are constantly fighting this inflammation. Some more than others depending on how well you’re taking care of yourself. But even for those who are taking care of themselves, fish oil can be that boost to help your body get rid of those various harmful materials so that it can focus on other more important things, like energy, healing sicknesses, building immunity, and more!

What to look for in a fish oil supplement

  • Pharmaceutical grade. This ensures the highest possible quality.
  • No fishy aftertaste (sometimes called “burpless.)
  • Country of Origin. Canada or Norway stand out as favorite countries of origin to ensure highest quality.
  • Metal free. You probably know that there are high levels of mercury and other heavy metals in fish. Well, a good fish oil ensures these are removed, and is third party tested as “metal free.”

Mimi’s Omegas are one of the few products on Amazon that meet all the criteria! Plus, they are less expensive than many products of lower quality. Check them out here.

Other Benefits to Fish Oil:

  • arthritis
  • eye sight
  • blood sugar management
  • joints and spine
  • cholesterol (high cholesterol is an inflammatory process in the body!)
    bring down the inflammation, cholesterol naturally goes down too
  • cancer – a person taking fish oil is less likely to get cancer!

Who Should Be Taking The Fish Oil Supplement?

  • everyone should take fish oil – it’s a “desert island” must have item!

How Much Should We Take?

  • for those who are dealing with the issues listed in the benefits, 4,000 – 6,000mg/day
  • some with more adverse effects have been advised to take as much as 10,000mg/day and have then seen immediate improvements within a couple days!
  • 2,00mg/day is a good amount to take if you don’t have health issues and aren’t an athlete

Added Emotional Benefits

Research and experience has shown that an individual can take up to 12,000mg/day to help with depression and ADHD.

Click here to get the brand we recommend, at below health food store prices. It’s got everything you need in a quality fish oil:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade – Third Party Tested
  • No yucky taste, comes in softgel
  • Moleculary Distilled for Purity
  • Note! Mercury Free and PCB Free
  • Highly concentrated Omega-3 formula

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