5 Ways to Eat Less Sugar

Excess refined sugar can easily lead to extra weight loss… so finding ways to eat less sugar is a great choice for your health.

5 Ways to Eat Less SugarThe average person eats way too much sugar these days—20 times more than we were eating 200 years ago. And it doesn’t help that it seems to be found in EVERYTHING! So, what can you do?

First, make sure you’re taking a high-quality nutrition supplement to make up for any areas you’re lacking. Then, work on cutting down on all that processed junk.

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Refined sugar shows up in a ton of processed foods, which is why it’s always a great idea to cut down on them. But even with that, it can be hard to eat less sugar unless you have a plan. Many of us are addicted to the stuff and don’t realize we are still eating more than we need.

But thankfully, there are things you can do to make it easier to eat less sugar. Here are some great tips:

5 Ways to Eat Less Sugar

#1 Eat Fruit Instead

Fruits are a great natural sweet treat that provide you with vitamins and minerals while feeding that sweet tooth. Stock up on seasonal fresh or frozen fruit for snacks and desserts. There’s a reason fruit is known as nature’s candy—when it’s in season, it’s incredibly sweet and satisfying. Choose some of your favorite fruits to keep around the house and bring with you to work.

If you truly want something that feels like a decadent dessert, blend up frozen fruit with a tiny bit of milk to make “nice” cream—a healthy, refined sugar-free version of ice cream! For the best results, blend a banana in with whatever fruit flavor you choose. You could even stir in some other pieces of chopped fruit, oats, and nuts to make it a fun healthy parfait.

#2 Focus on Healthy Protein and Carbs

Whole food proteins increase your feelings of fullness and satiety, which helps reduce blood sugar spikes and sugar cravings.

Then, combine that protein with a wholesome whole grain source like brown rice. Healthy carbs give your body a glucose hit, but it happens gradually because they also have fiber and vitamins and minerals that slow the spike to your blood sugar.

#3 Ignore Naysayers and Enablers

People generally don’t know how to act around people who are trying to make a healthy choice for themselves, so be prepared for those who will try to sabotage your low-sugar efforts. Some people may try to coax you not eating that ice cream, that donut, or cookies they made “just for you.” But stick to your guns!

It can be hard, but kindly thank the person while firmly letting them know you aren’t eating refined sugar. Maybe tell them beforehand if you know they might try to push sugar on you. People ultimately do this because they aren’t comfortable with their own choices, so remember that it’s not really about you.

#4 If You Have to, Use Dark Chocolate

If you do turn to any sugar sources for a treat, a good option is very dark chocolate. Look for dark chocolate that’s 70% or higher in cocoa content. Although it does still contain some refined sugar, the content is lower than other candy and gives you the health benefits and antioxidants of cocoa.

Otherwise, make sure you’re getting your fats from healthy sources like the omega-3s in high-quality fish oil.

 #5 Don’t Use Unnatural Sweeteners

When on your journal to not consume refined sugars, you might be tempted by the calorie-free and sugar-free aspects of artificial sweeteners. But these sweeteners aren’t helpful like you think; they can actually make it harder to lose weight and naturally get used to less sugar.

Artificial sweeteners have been shown to cause more cravings for sugar because of how they trick the body. So instead of diet foods or diet sodas, work on drinking lots of water and eating foods that are naturally sweet minus refined sugars. Make desserts that are guilt free.

When you start to cut down on refined sugar, you’ll notice something amazing: your cravings for sugar decreasing! That’s because your palate is adjusting to the healthier foods. You’ll start to crave the natural sweetness of fruits and other healthy foods.

So, stick to your commitment to eat less sugar and you’ll be surprised just how much easier it becomes over time. Plus, your health will thank you!

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