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 Mimi’s Miracle Minerals is the highest quality fulvic acid mineral supplement available on the market. Other mineral supplements often contain only 20 or so minerals, but fulvic acid contains every single trace mineral necessary to sustain human life, over 70 minerals!

Studies have shown that fulvic acid improves overall energy levels, helps with mental clarity, rejuvenates your cells, fights aging, viruses, bacteria, infections, and fungi, helps regulate your thyroid and thymus, increases the speed of healing, encourages hair growth, and aids in weight loss by reducing cravings.

“I was skeptical about this when I started taking it, I have taken a lot of health products, most of which tasted terrible, and I didn’t feel much difference day to day.  Not so with Mimi’s Miracle Minerals, as soon as I started taking this stuff, I felt an increase in overall energy levels, and to my surprise I noticed that my finger nails and hair were growing faster!  I don’t know exactly all benefits that are supposed to come from this product, but it’s working great for me!” -Austin

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