Clean Eating Basics! Is Your Diet Dirty?

Clean Eating Basics! Is Your Diet Dirty?…


Do you eat a clean diet? Or are you wondering what a “clean diet” even means?

Clean eating is the best way to live for optimal nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating the foods nature intended. Pretty great, right? Read on for some important clean eating basics.

Getting Started With Clean Eating

chicken saladThe premise of clean eating is pretty simple: eat real, whole foods that are in their most natural state. And that includes understanding where your food comes from and what it contains. You’ll be avoiding foods that are really processed and contain a ton of preservatives, which is most packaged foods.

Since our society has advanced in food processing and preservation, a large amount of packaged, factory-made foods has become a huge staple in the average diet. Clean eating is about redefining your norm towards a diet focused on fresh, whole foods: fruits, veggies, lean proteins, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

It’s also important to note that eating clean doesn’t mean cutting out certain food groups or “going raw.” Cooked foods can be great as long as they are still whole foods.

Clean Eating Recipes

The hard part for many people is actually putting this into practice. It can be a tedious process when you first start paying attention to what you eat. A great place to start is by searching online for “clean eating recipes.” Choose 2-3 meals and 1-2 snacks to get you started, then make up a grocery list based on those ingredients. (Check out our healthy meal prep guide to help.) If you are new to cooking, this can make the process less overwhelming.

When shopping, a great start is visiting your local farmers’ market. You can find some great deals on local produce and even speak with farmers about ways to use certain fruits or vegetables.

Also, take note that even a healthy diet can be lacking in important vitamins and nutrients. Boost your diet with a high-quality supplement like Mimi’s Omegas (for omega 3’s) or Mimi’s Miracle Minerals (for important trace minerals).

Perks of Eating Clean

Practicing clean cleaning has tons of benefits! Not only will you likely lose some weight and look healthier, you’ll feel better too. When I started eating a clean diet, I had more energy, clearer skin, less cravings for junk food, and better workouts. Many other people have reported the same perks and more! And you can too!

Plus, did I mention it’s delicious? With the highest quality foods, you’ll get a great balance of protein, fats, and healthy carbohydrates that fuel your body the right way. Plus, clean foods are more nutrient-dense and often lower in calories than packaged foods, so you might find yourself eating more throughout the day—for example, you might eat five to six times instead of just three large meals. As long as you’re listening to your body and eating when actually hungry, that’s a good thing!

Clean eating is one of the best ways to boost your health and give your body the nutrition it deserves. However, even the cleanest diets can still be lacking in important trace minerals. To make sure you’re getting optimal nutrients, consider a high-quality organic supplement like Mimi’s Miracle Minerals in addition to your clean diet.

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