Burn Calories Fast: 7 Fun 100-Calorie Workouts!

Did you know you can burn calories fast and have fun doing it? We tend to equate workouts and burning calories with the gym, but you can easily get in some great exercise just about anywhere—doing just about anything!

These 100-calorie workouts are great alternatives to the gym and are so enjoyable that you’ll forget you’re doing them for that calorie burn. Find whatever works best for you.

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#1: Try Indoor Climbing

If you haven’t hit up your local climbing wall yet, you’ve been missing out! Plus, you can burn calories fast—probably well past 100—in just around 10 minutes because it’s an intense exercise. And you might be surprised to find yourself with a fun new hobby.

#2: Ride Your Bike

Remember being a kid and riding your bike all around the neighborhood? Get back in tune with your childhood playfulness and pull out that old bike (or get yourself a more updated one). Riding a bike for 15 minutes or more will burn around 100 calories. Plus, it gives you a chance to explore your surroundings and incorporate more movement into your daily commute.

#3: Jump on a Trampoline

Speaking of your younger days, do you also remember how fun trampolines were? Well, they aren’t just for kids! About a half hour of jumping will burn you an easy 100 calories. So get out there and let your inner child play.

#4: Play Golf

It might not seem like an active sport to some, but walking an 18-hole golf course is an awesome way to burn a good 100 calories and then some. If you’re not so much into the course idea, a round of mini golf is also a great way to burn calories. Bring the whole family along and make it a weekend activity!

#5: Flex Your Green Thumb

Planting your own garden not only keeps you fit, it also encourages you to eat a cleaner diet. You’ll burn 100 calories within the first 25 minutes with all the digging and planting going on. And you won’t be able to resist using those fresh fruits and veggies in some healthy recipes once you’ve grown them yourself in your own soil. Win, win!


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#6: Go Shopping

If you shop at a steady pace for around 40 minutes, that’s enough time to burn 100 calories. It’s also a great chance to get out, be around people, and do some window shopping. If you feel weird going alone, invite a friend to come along. Just be careful not to burn a hole in your wallet in the process!

#7: Dance, Dance, Dance

Turning on a few of your favorite songs and dancing like an idiot burns 100 calories quickly without you even realizing you’re exercising. Plus, it’s a great way to relieve some stress during your busy work week. And don’t worry—if you don’t like dancing in front of other people, just do it at home!

These are some fun and creative ideas for getting in your daily exercise. It’s easy to fall into the excuse that you don’t have enough time or energy to workout (by the way, for a natural energy boost try using a high-quality healthy energy drink). But breaking it down into some short, 100-calories punches helps you burn calories fast, make exercise less overwhelming, and more easily fit it into your busy schedule.  Go have a blast with it!

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