How I Boosted My Testosterone 250 Points Without Drugs

In 2012 I turned 46, and finally had that physical that no guy wants to have. “You’re testosterone is way low, we need to put you on drugs.” The doctor informed me. He said it more nicely than that, but that was the gist of it. I was 150 points below the minimum for a guy my age.

But I knew that once you start on testosterone it’s an expensive treadmill you never get off. And the other thing I was concerned about is that once you take the drugs, your body senses it doesn’t have to produce it anymore, so it stops. Then you REALLY need the drugs.
I told the doctor that I was in the wellness and supplement business, so I was going to research and find a way to boost it naturally. “Good luck” he said, and he told me that he heard that from a lot of guys, and none of them had ever succeeded. With that cheery advice I went to work and started researching.

Now, according to, the bottom of a mans testosterone range is about 300 nanograms per deciliter, and the upper end should be 800 or higher. Mine was at 250.

Also, in case you’re wondering, getting tested is usually easy and free… for me it’s part of my yearly physical included with my insurance plan. Chances are it’s the same for you. But back to the story…

To cut to the chase, and save you the hours of research, blind alleys, and lousy articles I had to sift through, I finally found a winning combination. And once I did, within about 6 weeks I could really feel the difference. Here’s what happened:

  • My energy level went up
  • My stamina increased
  • My workouts were 100% better
  • My strength increased. I started setting personal bests in deadlift, squat, and other lifts.
And before I give you my winning recipe, I have to give credit to Tim Ferris and a chapter in his book “The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman.

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that was probably the best of all the articles I read about raising testosterone naturally. I recommend you get the book and read the chapter to really get the full scoop. That, along with 3-4 other excellent resources, helped me make up this winning formula:
  1. Eat 4 Brazil nuts morning and night. Inexpensive and tasty, these things have a natural testosterone boosting effect.
  2. A teaspoon of cinnamon every day. Labeled the #1 healthiest spice by multiple sources, this powerful spice has anti-cancer qualities, boosts the immune system, and yes, raises testosterone. The easiest way to get a whole teaspoon by the way is to just put it in a protein shake or smoothie.
  3. A natural supplement. I tried a few. In the end the one that definitely felt the best and had the most noticeable results was one called T-Bomb 3 xtreme, by MHP. I bought them at my local health food store for $55 a pop for the longest time, before discovering them on Amazon, from the manufacturer, for 25 bucks!
  1. Increase in red meat consumption. I was not eating much red meat, but increased to 2-3 servings a week, and it made a big difference.
  2. High intensity exercise. I was already doing this (CrossFit) but I know a lot of guys don’t work out. So if that’s you, add some short, high intensity exercise to your regimen. But the key is to keep it short! If you go long, you are depleting your system instead of building it up.

When I went back to my doctor a year later, he took my blood with a knowing smile like, “you totally wasted your time, now I’ll prove you need my dope!” But when he called me a few days later with the lab work, he was shocked. I had completely turned the situation around, raising my testosterone to around 500, well within the acceptable range for a guy my age. And you know what he said? “You’re the only one!” I felt like a rock star.

Well, it worked well for me, based on my sample size of one. But my findings are based on a lot of solid research, so I highly recommend these 5 steps if you’re over 40 and wanting to keep your energy and vitality up as long as you can. And, happily, they are WAY less expensive, and much healthier, than drugs.


How I Boosted My Testosterone 250 Points Without Drugs Infographic
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