EZ Biohacking: A Quick and Free Way to Get Great Health Data

There is a cool tool out there in the marketplace for doing quick, accurate health assessments. It’s called the InBody 230, and if you want one, they’re just $6000.

But, you don’t have to buy one, I’m going to show you how to get some really cool health data absolutely free, and where you can not only find one of these cool machines, but where you will also find willing and happy people to run you through the process and give you a free assessment sheet for your health binder.

inbody230_imgIt only takes a couple minutes, as you can see on the video below of yours truly getting tested, and it’s painless, and apparently very accurate.

It provides the following info:

Body Composition:
-Total body water
-Dry lean mass
-Body fat mass
-skeletal muscle mass
-body fat mass

Obesity Analysis
-PBF (percentage of body fat, a highly valuable thing to know)

Here is an example of the report it gives you: (taken from https://www.inbody.com/)

Inbody 230 scan
Inbody 230 scan

Here’s how they work:

You can find one of these at any Nutrishop, and if not, contact the maker of the InBody 230 here to find a local company that has one. They are super easy to use, give accurate health info, and are probably the easiest, cheapest way to do basic bio-hacking.

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