7 Tips for Better Weight Loss Results

Not getting the weight loss results you expected? Maybe you’ve been trying to eat better for weeks but haven’t seen a budge in the numbers on that scale. You’re probably frustrated and annoyed that your hard work doesn’t seem to be doing much.

But don’t worry—if you’re not seeing the weight loss you expected, it likely means there are some areas you’re missing but that can be easily tweaked. Often, it has to do with taking in more calories than you realize.

7 Tips for Better Weight Loss Results

Take a look at these seven tips for getting better weight loss results and see where you can make adjustments:

#1 Don’t Skip Meals

A lot of people think that skipping a meal is a good way to cut out some calories from their day, and that meal is usually breakfast.

But this is actually not a good idea. The research shows that skipping breakfast is correlation with weighing more, and it’s likely because you end up so hungry that you make up for those calories later in the day.

If you’re trying to lose weight, that doesn’t mean you should starve yourself by any means. In fact, you want to get back in tune with your natural hunger so you can know when your body actually needs food—and when it doesn’t. So if you are hungry when you wake up, eat a healthy breakfast! And be sure to eat well-balanced meals throughout the day.

#2 Don’t Drink Your Calories

It’s so much easier to down a beverage than chew a food, so avoid drinking your calories as much as possible. And be sure you aren’t getting liquid calories in certain places without really realizing it. That could be from a sports drink, juice with breakfast, or a glass of wine in the evening. And don’t forget any cream or sugar you might be adding to your morning coffee!

The best solution is to focus on drinking water as your primary beverage and phasing out everything else. Herbal tea is another great choice. And if you want a flavorful, healthy energy boost, try our low-calorie Focus Up Energy Drink. You can add it straight to your water bottle!

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#3 Watch Your Salad Extras

Obviously, eating salad can be great for a healthy lifestyle and for weight loss. You can fill yourself up with tons of delicious, raw veggies without packing on unhealthy calories.

BUT beware of too many extras! Cheese, bacon, rich dressings, and croutons pack on the calories and turn your healthy salad into a high-fat, high-cholesterol dish that isn’t doing you any good.

That doesn’t mean you have to eat a salad that is boring, though. Just fill it up with hearty plant-based options like chickpeas, nut or seeds, extra veggies, grains like quinoa or brown rice, and some low-fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing. You’ll be ultra satisfied and feel great!

#4 Avoid the Huge Restaurant Portions

Many people have trouble not eating everything on their plates. (Most of us were told to do that as kids, after all!) But just because you get a big portion at a restaurant doesn’t mean you’re required to eat it all—or that your body needs it all. When you tune into your true hunger, you’ll see that a huge portion isn’t needed by your body and just makes you stuffed and uncomfortable.

So, when eating out, enjoy your dish while paying attention to your own fullness signals. Eat slowly, and when you’re full, ask for a go-to box and have the rest another day. If you’re at home, use the same rule of thumb but also start by serving yourself smaller portions to begin with.

#5 Don’t Eat Mindlessly

This one is hard but gets easier—and even enjoyable!—with practice.

Everyone is tempted to come home from a long day of work and veg out with some food and the television. This can be a good way to relax, but the problem is that it leads to mindless munching.

It’s best to not lump together relaxation and eating. Try eating your meal or snack first, just focusing on what you’re doing after. Notice the color, texture, and taste of the food. Think about how much you actually enjoy it. Is it really what you want, or are you eating to distract yourself from something else? If you’re just looking for a distraction from stressful thoughts, it’s better to just watch TV or read a book without the food added in.

#6 Don’t Get Rid of All Treats

When you make a new commitment to being healthy and losing weight, it’s tempting to become overzealous and immediately eliminate all sweets, snacks, or other high-calorie foods from your home.

While it’s good to not be faced with temptation, completely getting rid of any form of “treat” can lead to deprivation, which causes you to overindulge in what you’re depriving yourself of in the first place.

The better option is to have healthier treats around the house for when you need a little something sweet but don’t want to worry about eating junk food. For example, I really love ice cream, so my favorite treat is blending up frozen bananas for “nice cream,” stirring in chopped fruit, and topping with just a few melted chocolate chips.

Having healthier treats lets you still enjoy your food without overdoing it on something that isn’t good for your body.


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#7 Don’t Blame Your Genetics

I hear this too often. People will say they can’t lose weight, or there’s no point in them trying, because of their genes.

While genetics do play a part in your body type and ability to lose weight, it only makes up a small portion of your health and weight destiny. Please don’t use it as an excuse! This is only doing yourself a disservice and setting you up for failure. You CAN feel and look healthy if you put in the effort!

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