Behold the Best Anti Aging Diet

Behold the Best Anti Aging Diet…


Ah, aging. Everyone is afraid of it, yet no one can fully escape it. That’s why there are millions of anti-aging products on the market. It’s why people spend tens of thousands of dollars on procedures to look younger.

blueberries-1323372-640x480But these people are missing one of the best anti-aging secrets. And it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars… just a simple trip to the grocery store!

That’s right—the foods you eat make a huge impact on the aging process. Want to look 10, 20 years younger than you are? Eat these healthy foods on a regular basis to keep you body thrivin’.

Fruits and Veggies

Fresh fruits and vegetables are amazing for your skin because they contain tons of helpful vitamins and nutrients. While these are great for your entire body, the benefits really show on your largest organ: your skin! And the more nutrients, the better benefits!

So here are some of the best fruit and veggies for your skin, and why:

Oranges: The vitamin C in citrus fruits like oranges helps in making collagen, which is the substance that keeps your skin looking smooth, plump, and young. Plus, oranges are full of water, and that has its own set of magical benefits for your skin.

Grapes: Want to fight inflammation in your body (which contributes to aging)? Relax with a big bowl of grapes! They contain the chemical resveratrol that reduces inflammation and helps slow the aging process.

Blueberries: These tiny fruits pack a huge punch with tons of antioxidant power. They help fight free radicals, stress, and even sun damage that is bad for your skin.

Pomegranates: Another free radical fighter (seeing a pattern here)! Plus, pomegranates are amazing at helping preserve collagen in your skin.

Avocados: Are they a fruit? Are they a vegetable? Some people are surprised to know that avocados fall within the fruit category! But no matter what you call them, they’re a rich source of monounsaturated fats (the good kind of fats) that helps keep your skin hydrated.

Cauliflower: It might not look interesting with their plain white color, but cauliflower is an antioxidant powerhouse containing manganese and vitamin C. And you know by now that antioxidants are wonderful for skin! Not only to they boost your immune system and reduce your cancer risk, they can also help keep your teeth whiter!

Brussels Sprouts: Like cauliflower, you get a ton of antioxidant power from brussels sprouts. Just one serving will give you your daily dose of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B, and important minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Spinach and Kale: You’ve probably heard about the kale craze lately. People are going gaga over the veggie because (1) it tastes really good when prepared correctly and (2) it has so many health benefits! And the same can be said about spinach. Leafy greens like these are fantastic for improving the elasticity of your skin and protecting your skin from sun damage. They are also great for hydrating the skin.

Fulvic Acid

Fruits and veggies are amazing at fighting free radicals because of the vitamins and nutrients they contain. But sadly, our modern production processes don’t always ensure we get all of those vitamins. Supplementing with a high-quality fulvic acid source like Mimi’s Miracle Minerals fills in the gaps. It makes sure all types of free radicals are scavenged from your body.

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If you aren’t an oatmeal eater, now’s a great time to add it to your diet! Oats contain complex carbohydrates and fiber that fill you up while doing awesome things in your body. Certain chemicals contained in oats help prevent damage to your skin cells. They are also low glycemic and prevent any crazy blood sugar spikes that wreak havoc on your complexion.


Okay, so I know exercise isn’t food. But it’s the perfect companion to a healthy anti-aging diet. As we get older, our bodies naturally begin to lose muscle mass. But with a regular exercise and strength training program, we prevent that loss and keep a youthful physique and high energy much longer!

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