The Power of Behavior Versus Outcome

In the book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, there is a fascinating letter from Tim’s coach, Chris Sommer, in response to a letter Tim wrote asking, “How long will this take?!”

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The answer is so powerful that I want to share a chunk of it with you here, hoping you find it as meaningful as I did:

“Hi Tim,

Patience. Far too soon to expect strength improvements…

Dealing with the temporary frustration of not making progress is an integral part of the path towards excellence. In fact, it is essential and something that every single elite athlete has had to learn to deal with. If the pursuit of excellence was easy, everyone would do it…The secret is to show up, do the work, and go home.

A blue collar work ethic married to indomitable will. It is literally that simple. Nothing interferes. Nothing can sway you from your purpose. Once the decision is made, simply refuse to budge. Refuse to compromise.

And accept that quality long-term results require quality long-term focus. No emotion. No drama. No beating yourself up over small bumps in the road. Learn to enjoy and appreciate the process…

Throw out a timeline. It will take what it takes.”

This is the type of thinking we put into the Formula 7 course. 1 week of evaluation, followed by 7 weeks of solid, tried and proven health principles. 100% focus on daily behavior, melded with a zen-like non emotional, non-judgmental implementation that doesn’t worry too much about results.

Here’s a fun, light-hearted Ted Talk that explains the principle well:

Results will flow naturally from sound daily behaviors. Over time, you will feel better, sleep better, and achieve your personal goals naturally, without shiny objects or cute diets.

So commit to the process. Focus on behaviors. Minimize expectations of outcomes. Joy in the journey!

Wishing you health and success,
Dave Sherwin

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