7 Food Hacks that Slash Calories!

The battle of the bulge isn’t easy. It’s like society is conspiring to make us all overweight.

But sometimes success lies in the little things. For example, just dropping 100 calories a day makes a big difference to your health over time.

So here’s 7 food hacks that can each drop your daily calorie intake by 100 calories!7foodsslashcalories

Here we go!

Food Hack #1: Go topless
Not that kind of topless! On your sandwich! You can easily drop 100 calories by taking the top off your sandwich or burger. Especially if it was soaked in condiments! You will also be pleasantly surprised at how much better it tastes, as the stuff with all the flavor remains.

Food Hack #2: From Bagel to English Muffin
They’re yummy, but bagels easily have 100 calories more than an English muffin, and let’s face it, English muffins are delicious anyway. So next time you’re shopping ditch the bagels and use English muffins instead, you’re tummy will thank you.

Food Hack #3: From Cream to Nonfat Milk
Millions of Americans put cream in their morning coffee… a 100 calorie plus addition to their caloric intake. Just switching to nonfat milk will drop that 100 calories, and still tastes good!

Food Hack #4: Ditch the Juice
Many people down breakfast “juice” every morning. But these commercially available juices are high in sugar, are acidic, and provide empty calories. Either make real juice (from real fruit) or just ditch it and drink water. You won’t miss it after a couple days, and you’ll feel better! You may even notice that your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, the acidity of these juices causes mild discomfort many people don’t notice until they stop taking them!

Food Hack #5: From Peanuts to Edamame
Peanuts (which aren’t nuts, by the way, they’re legumes) are delicious and salty. But they are a high calorie snack! Swap them for edamame and you’ll get 4 bonus grams of protein, while cutting your calorie count by 100!

Food Hack #6: From Shake to Milk
A milkshake is the ultimate comfort food for a lot of people. Unfortunately, shakes are packed with calories! Instead, go for a glass of chocolate milk (go easy on the chocolate syrup). Or, if you MUST have a shake, get a small one, or share one with a friend. You’ll still enjoy it a lot, but will easily save 100 calories or more.

Food Hack #7: From Bacon to…Turkey Bacon
Well, almost everybody loves bacon. But it is a caloric disaster waiting to happen! Make the switch to turkey bacon. You’ll be surprised at how good it is, without the guilt!

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