5 Restaurant Foods to Avoid!

Research tells us that Americans have 1 in 4 meals at a restaurant. And if you’re health conscious, you are careful what you choose, even at a restaurant.

But most people don’t realize just how fattening many restaurant meals are, even those that seem healthy.

Here’s a list of 5 foods you really should avoid. They aren’t in order from worst to best or anything, rather, you should really just avoid all 5 😉5 restaurant food to avoid infographic

Bad Food #1: Cobb Salad
We tend to think any dish with the word “salad” in it is healthy, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case! Cobb salads are delicious, but unfortunately they are loaded with cheese, bacon, eggs, and smothered with a rich dressing. Many Cobb salads have as many calories as a burger meal!

Instead, go for a real, healthy salad, and hold the croutons, and have the dressing on the side! Don’t let them smother your salad in 400 calories of dressing!

Bad Food #2: Spinach Artichoke Dip
Another one that sounds good. I mean, spinach and artichokes are both healthy, right? Unfortunately, just a half cup of this dip has 350 calories! And chances are, you’ll eat more than half a cup, plus the rich bread or crackers you put it on, and next thing you know you downed 1000 calories… before you even had dinner!

Just say no to this muffin top waiting to happen.

Bad Food #3: Chicken Tenders
Again, we tend to think of chicken as the healthy choice of meats. But, restaurant prepared chicken tender meals often contain over 1000 calories. The breading, deep frying, and accompanying sides make this an unhealthy choice.

Whenever you have chicken, go for grilled, never breaded or deep fried.

Bad Food #4: Sliders
These are another sneaky food. They look so small and innocent, and we feel like we are satisfying our burger cravings, while only eating these tiny little snacks, right? Wrong! Two sliders can easily contain 1000 calories! And again, we usually have this before we eat a real meal!

So avoid sliders as an appetizer for sure, and if you have to have them, make them the main course.

Bad Food #5: Pasta
Pasta itself is a caloric nightmare. But then smother it with Alfredo sauce and chicken and boom! You just packed on 2000 calories right to your hips!

If you want to watch your waistline, you’re going to have to avoid restaurant Pasta.

Luckily, many restaurants nowadays really do have healthy menus, often with designations of those that are low calorie. And many of them are really delicious. Stick to real salads, grilled meats, and steamed veggies, and you can enjoy eating out without pounding down unnecessary calories!

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