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Dave Sherwin | EZWellnessClubHi, my name is Dave Sherwin (pictured here with my amazing wife Michelle!) And my passion is helping people lose weight and keep it off through living a healthy & active lifestyle.

A few years ago I launched a weight loss website, HCG EZ Drops, and sold thousands of bottles of HCG Drops. Through the support, Facebook pages, and e-mails, I got an amazing insight into the joy people experienced when they lost a lot of extra weight in a hurry. I also learned a lot about the psychology of weight loss, the challenges people went through, and the ups and downs of dieting.

And the more success stories and testimonials that poured in, the more I wanted to help people have this amazing life changing experience. EZ Wellness Club is the “now what” answer to all of my customers, and other visitors, who have dropped weight and now want to take advantage of their new found energy and zest for life… and take it to a whole new level.


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1. Facebook HCG EZ Drops page, for the latest and greatest on the fastest weight loss diet ever:

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3. EZ Wellness Club features podcasts with amazing guests like Dr. Kepo’o, Dr. Robbins, Coach Keena, and includes the latest and greatest in health hacks and advice. Choose from any of the podcasts below, or better yet, just subscribe to our channel to get a new podcast every week!

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Podcast 1: Lose weight fast | Tips to a healthier lifestyle | Keys to better human movement, and much more, with Coach Keena!

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